Qualitas.class Corpus is currently maintained by the Applied Software Engineering Research Group (ASERG) of the Department of Computer Science, at Federal University of Minas Gerais.

Main contact: Prof. Marco Tulio Valente

How to Cite

    If you use the Qualitas.class Corpus in your research, please reference the following paper:

      author    = {Ricardo Terra and Luis Fernando Miranda and Marco Tulio Valente and Roberto S. Bigonha},
      title     = {{Q}ualitas.class {C}orpus: A Compiled Version of the {Q}ualitas {C}orpus},
      journal   = {Software Engineering Notes},
      volume    = {38},
      number    = {5}, 
      year      = {2013},
      pages     = {1-4},

    Papers Using the Qualitas.class Corpus